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Here is the official list of winners from our 7K GIFT-a-way! CONGRATULATIONS – to ALL the winners! I hope everyone had fun and I am so thankful for all the wonderful vendors who so generously donated the prizes for you to win!  Our next party is right around the corner so stay tuned!


Winner Rececka Lozano —  Peek A Bootique –

Winner Amy Girdley Hoemeke — Bordeaux Butt Paste –

Winner McKinleyPhotographyandDesign — Swanky Stitch –

Winner Tera — Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops –

Winner  Jill Fenton — Stuff So Simple –

Winner Lindsey Grief Burleigh — Artistic Impressions Photography –

Winner Ashley Parker — Artsy Chameleon Photo Props –

Winner Wendy Goodwin — Natalies Body Wrapsody –

Winner Kayleigh Boehmer — Scentsy by Chrystal Holden –

Winner Kelsey Rogers — Eliza Ann Collection –

Winner Anne Nack — Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash –

Winner Kimberly Wallace — Laura Brett Photography –

Winner Kelly Simmons Sherman — Kid n Around Creations –

Winner Monica Marie Photography — Ultimate Backdrop Roller Systems –

Winner Sara Vincent — Ginny Haupert Textures –

Winner Heather Elizabeth McDougall — S Images –

Winner  Paul Thompson — KNP Actions and Templates –

Winner Jill Fenton — Popcorn Pixels –

Winner TBA — Kristi Nicole Photography –

Winner  Jenn Borrelli — Baby Dipper Bowls –

Winner Jess Geddes — Just Married with Coupons –

Winner Shannon Griffith — Foto Tale Designs –

Winner Michelle Butterfield — The Modern Knot –

Winner Katheleen Stull — Ear Kandy Earrings –

Winner Valerie Braymen — AVON by Teresa Forcine –

Winner Becky Rollins — Wendy’s Uppercase Living –

Winner Courtney Newberg Kaloyanides — Boutique by Design –

Winner Andrea of Three Sisters Photography — Newborn Photography Prop Shop –

Winner Michele Smith — A to Zebra Celebrations –

Winner Candice Willey-Swanson — Paci-Catchers –

Winner Stephanie McHugh — LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch –


Once again, thank you to all the vendors and fans that have participated in our 7K – GIFT-a-way!





Official 7K Fan GIFT-a-way!

It’s officially here!

      I’d like to start off by first saying  THANK YOU to all of my loyal fans and customers, and a big HELLO to all the new fans that are just arriving!  To think about having the support of nearly 7,000 fans just blows me away, without you a 7K GIFT-a-way wouldn’t be possible! I am truly blessed to share my passion for what I do with you all each and everyday. I am one of the truly lucky people who get to do what they love. I remember hosting our first 1000 Fan Giveaway, it seems like it was only yesterday! I had actually planned to host a 6,000 Fan Party, and we just kept going right up – so while we aren’t quite at 7,000 fans quite yet – I know with all the love you guys spread – we will make it there in no time!  I truly am thankful for all the support and love you show for Peek A Bootique. This GIFT-a-way is for YOU! We have some awesome vendors and even more fun – they have donated some GREAT gifts that I am honored to share with you all!!

      Next I would like to show some true appreciation for the vendors who have generously sponsored and donated to our 7k FAN GIFT-a-way! Please make sure to show them love from you and @Peek A Bootique, and appreciate the work and efforts they have made to offer you these super great prizes! These are some of the greatest people and companies I am lucky I get to know and work with them and also follow their work — I am a fan of each and everyone one of them! ❤


The giveaway will run from Monday September 19th at 12:01 AM  (PST) and will end on Saturday  October 1st, at 12:01 AM (PST)

There are 4 easy ways to enter yourself in the giveaway. Enter each entry as a separate blog comment and please include the entry # in your comment for verification. These comments will serve as your entries
for the drawing so make sure you leave a comment after you’ve completed each entry. For example, if you complete both the required and optional steps, I should see 4 separate blog comments.

Please make sure to list your City and State if you are wanting to qualify to win items from your local area. ONLY ENTRIES THAT LIST THE SAME STATE AS A LOCAL ITEM will be added up to be drawn from

ENTRY #1 (REQUIRED): Like/become a fan of my Facebook page Peek A Bootique from your personal page (if you would like to fan it with your business page, I ask that
you also fan it from your personal page).

ENTRY #2 (REQUIRED): Like/become a fan of ALL of the vendors’ facebook pages from your personal page. Winners of prizes will be required to post on the vendors page
to claim their prize. If it is found that you have liked page after the giveaway, a new winner will be chosen.
Please pace yourself to avoid getting banned by facebook. The GIFT-a-way will be open for 2 weeks, so there is plenty of time. )

ENTRY #3 (OPTIONAL): Share the giveaway with your friends and fans and update your Facebook status “I just entered the @Peek A Bootique 7K GIFT-a-way – have you?“ It must properly link back to my page
so that I can verify the extra entry to make it fair.

ENTRY #4 (OPTIONAL): Remember this step is optional, however without the vendors we wouldn’t have all these wonderful gifts and prizes for the GIFT-a-way, so it would be much appreciated if you’d thank them!
To get a 4th Entry, please stop by each vendors page and leave some ❤ and thank them for their participation. If you’re already a fan, please stop by letting them know you were AAF but stopping by via the Peek A Bootique 7k GIFT-a-way.
Please pace yourself to avoid getting banned by facebook. The GIFT-a-way will be open for at least 2 weeks, so there is plenty of time. )

I really suggest you take your time entering, not only because of facebook issues, but because you should genuinely view the vendors facebook pages, find out a little bit more about them, check out their products or what they have to offer. I have personally handpicked these vendors because I know how awesome they are and how much you will all love them as well! ❤

I can hardly stand to wait any longer to announce all the wonderful vendors who have sponsored and the generous prizes that are up for grabs — GOOD LUCK to all! Let’s go!

Vendor/Prize #1 — Peek A Bootique

$50.00 Gift Certificate to our website

WINNER:  Rececka Lozano

Vendor/Prize #2 – FB:  Boudreauxs Butt Paste

GIFT Pack – includes:

1- Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

1- All Natural Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

1- ALL NEW Maximum Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

1- Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses Lip Balm

1- Boudreaux’s Body Wash & Shampoo

1- Boudreaux’s Rash Protector

1- Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Onsie or T-shirt (different sizes available)

WINNER: Amy Girdley Hoemeke

Vendor/Prize #3 – FB: Swanky Stitch
Winners choice of 1 item from her in-stock shop!

WINNER: McKinleyPhotographyandDesign


Vendor/Prize #4  — FB: Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops
1 – Floor / Backdrop
Design: Amber 23
Size:  52″ x 7FT
Value: $80

***Please note that international buyers must playing shipping.


Vendor/Prize #5 – FB: Stuff So Simple


Winners choice of a 7 Foot 6 Flag Double Sided Banner!

WINNER: Jill Fenton

Vendor/Prize #6  — FB: Artistic Impressions Photography

$50.00 Gift Certificate

 WINNER: Lindsey Grief Burleigh

Vendor/Prize #7  –  FB: artsychameleon | fotografi & props

$10.00 Gift Certificate

WINNER: Ashley Parker

Vendor/Prize #8  — FB: Natalie’s Body Wrapsody


1 – Ultimate Body Applicator from It Works!

WINNER: Wendy Goodwin

Vendor/Prize #9  — FB:  Scentsy – by Chrystal Holden

Winners choice of 1 plug-in warmers from her page.

WINNER: Kayleigh Boehmer

Vendor/Prize #10  — FB: Eliza Ann-Collection

Winner will receive their choice of color – 1 ruffle wrap and matching headband.

WINNER: Kelsey Rogers

Vendor/Prize #11 – FB: Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash

Winner will receive 1 pack of detergent.

Ruby Moon Natural Laundry and Cloth Diaper Wash is formulated with you and your baby’s delicate skin in mind. All natural ingredients make this wash safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin, yet tough on stains and odor!

WINNER: Anne Nack

Vendor/Prize #12  — FB: Laura Brett Photography

Laura Brett ‘s Complete Action Set —  Value:  $75

Description:  It’s been asked…how do you get that creamy newborn goodness with all your images? We always say, the perfect SOOC will get you that newborn goodness. So we decided its time to share our “secret” with you!
Our Complete Action Set is compatible in all versions of Photoshop and Elements. Once your purchase is completed you will receive an email with the link to download your action along with instructions.
The Complete Action set comes with our Newborn Goodness, Warm & Cozy and our Black & White action.

FB page:
Action Store:
Workshops: ;

REDRAWN – WINNER: Kimberly Wallace

Vendor/Prize #13  —  FB: Kid N Around Creations

$15 Gift Certificate to her ETSY Store

WINNER: Kelly Simmons Sherman

Vendor/Prize #14  — FB: Ultimate Backdrop Roller Systems

$50.00 Gift Certificate towards a system.

WINNER: Monica Marie Photography

Vendor/Prize #15  — FB: Ginny Haupert Textures

$50 Gift Certificate

WINNER: Sara Vincent

Vendor/Prize #16  — FB: S Images

Winner will receive a 1 hour photo session, with 10 images on a disk with printing rights.


WINNER: Heather Elizabeth McDougall

Vendor/Prize #17 — FB: KNPActions & Templates

Photoshop Actions

$10 Gift Certificate to Anything in her store.
(Expires 1 week after the GIFT-a-way.)


WINNER: Paul Thompson

Vendor/Prize #18 – FB: Popcorn Pixels

Company Branding and Logos

$50.00 Gift Certificate to Anything in her shop.
(Expires 1 week after the GIFT-a-way)

WINNER: Jill Fenton

Vendor/Prize #19 – FB: Kristi Nicole Photography

$50.00 Gift Certificate towards a photoshoot.
(Expires 1 week after the GIFT-a-way)



Vendor/Prize #20  — FB: Baby Dipper

Winners choice of bowl set with spoon and fork in pink or blue.  

WINNER: Jenn Borrelli

Vendor/Prize #21  — FB: Just Married With Coupons


Winners choice of $10 Paypal Cash or Cash

WINNER: Jess Geddes

Vendor/Prize #22  — FB: Foto Tale Designs


$25 Gift Certificate towards her store.



Vendor/Prize #23 – FB: The Modern Knot


$20.00 Gift Certificate to her store — ❤ LOVE these gorgeous frames! 


Vendor/Prize #24 – FB: Ear Kandy Earrings

1 Pair of Dangle Earrings


Vendor/Prize #25 – Website: AVON by Teresa Forcine

(Stop by and bookmark it so you can find her when you need to order!)

Choice of Christmas Light Up Pal from her website.


Vendor/Prize #26  — FB: Wendy’s Uppercase Living


Winner will receive a “Welcome” expression in Black — 22″ x 5.75″ (Frame not included)


Vendor/Prize #27 – FB:  Boutique By Design

Winner will receive a Gift Certifcate for a custom logo design valued at $125US!

WINNER: Courtney Newberg Kaloyanides

Vendor/Prize #28 — Maternity and Newborn Photography Prop Shop

Winner will receive a 3-Pack Action Set, valued at $55!

WINNER: Andrea of Three Sisters Photography

Vendor/Prize #29 – FB: A to Zebra Celebrations

Winners choice of HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner!

WINNER: Michele Smith

Vendor/Prize #30  — FB: Paci-Catchers


10$ Gift Certificate to her store.

WINNER: Candice Willey-Swanson

Vendor/Prize #31 – FB: Lillybit Uptown Diaper Clutch

Winner will receive one lillybit uptown diaper clutch. Retail value is $35.

WINNER: Stephanie McHugh


Winner drawn Oct 1st —  Peek A Bootique –

Winner drawn Oct 2nd — Bordeaux Butt Paste –

Winner drawn Oct 3rd — Swanky Stitch –

Winner drawn Oct 4th — Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops –

Winner drawn Oct 5th — Stuff So Simple –

Winner drawn Oct 6th — Artistic Impressions Photography –

Winner drawn Oct 7th— Artsy Chameleon Photo Props –

Winner drawn Oct 8th — Natalies Body Wrapsody –

Winner drawn Oct 9th — Scentsy by Chrystal Holden –

Winner drawn Oct 10th — Eliza Ann Collection –

Winner drawn Oct 11th — Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash –

Winner drawn Oct 12th — Laura Brett Photography –

Winner drawn Oct 13th — Kid n Around Creations –

Winner drawn Oct 14th — Ultimate Backdrop Roller Systems –

Winner drawn Oct 15th — Ginny Haupert Textures –

Winner drawn Oct 16th — S Images –

Winner drawn Oct 17th — KNP Actions and Templates –

Winner drawn Oct 18th — Popcorn Pixels –

Winner drawn Oct 19th — Kristi Nicole Photography –

Winner drawn Oct 20th — Baby Dipper Bowls –

Winner drawn Oct 21st — Just Married with Coupons –

Winner drawn Oct 22nd — Foto Tale Designs –

Winner drawn Oct 23rd — The Modern Knot –

Winner drawn Oct 24th — Ear Kandy Earrings –

Winner drawn Oct 25th — AVON by Teresa Forcine –

Winner drawn Oct 26th — Wendy’s Uppercase Living –

Winner drawn Oct 27th — Boutique by Design –

Winner drawn Oct 28th — Newborn Photography Prop Shop –

Winner drawn Oct 29th — A to Zebra Celebrations –

Winner drawn Oct 30th — Paci-Catchers –

Winner drawn Oct 31st — LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch –

Now for the fine print in BOLD:

*****The giveaway will run from Monday September 19th at 12:01 AM  (PST) and will end on Saturday  October 1st, at 12:01 AM (PST).

*****Winners will be chosen via We will be announcing winners of prizes daily for a month. There will be a new winner each day – for the entire month of October! I will be announcing winners here on the blog, and the vendor may also announce the winner on their page. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize by writing on the winners wall to let them know you are claiming your prize. Make sure you check back daily to see if you’ve won! If you have not claimed your prize within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked via

*****DISCLAIMER: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Peek A Bootique and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for Peek A Bootiques 7k GIFT-a-way!  By entering the contest you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
You may not reside in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India according to Facebook rules. International players may enter but may be responsible for the shipping if they wish to redeem their prize. If you are not willing to pay shipping, do not enter. Prizes do not have cash value. There will be no returns/exchanges on any of the items.

Celebrate and Win!

When I started this journey I remember waking up and logging
in to facebook and being so excited to see 10 fans, then 100,
and here I am now rolling right on past 6,000! I am amazed
and blessed to have each and every one of you. Not only am
I able to do what I love, but I also have made so many friends
along the way.

I will be hosting a 7k Fan GIFT-a-way, that will feature
30 days of gifts for all Peek A Bootique fans. GOOD LUCK to
everyone who enters to win a celebration gift! I wish I had
one for each and every one of you, and maybe one day I will!

If you are a fan – stay tuned for the details on how to enter!

If you are a vendor wanting to donate to our GIFT-a-way,
you can email me your information to: — Please include GIFT-a-way
in the subject line – we will only be accepting 30 Vendors
for this celebration.