Mother’s Day Giveaway

How can you win? Simply follow the steps below for your chance to win the FABULOUS  Liz Claiborne Jeweled Handbag / Purse Hanger prize!! Perfect for keeping your purse off the floor at restaurants or anywhere else! You have 3 chances to enter, and I would encourage you to do all 3 to increase your chances at winning!

(This Photo does not do it Justice!! – Just had to get quick pic with my phone – The butterfly is adorned with gems, and is GORGEOUS!)

Entry ONE  Be a Peek-A-Bootique fan on Facebook (  )  and then copy and paste the link below to your fan page/wall and spread the word to all of your MOMMY friends about this Mothers Day giveaway! Leave ONE comment below letting us know that you shared the link and you’re entered once!


Entry TWO – Just being a MOM – get’s you ONE entry!! =) Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Entry THREE Follow our Blog OR  Follow us on Twitter and Tweet about our giveaway! Leave ONE comment below letting us know that you follow the blog or tweeted about the giveaway…..and that’s it…you now have three entries submitted and a chance to win!

Follow us on Twitter!!/Peek_A_Bootique

The giveaway begins right now and will run through
Wednesday May 4th, 2011 @ 10:00pm CST.

Thank you to everyone for entering and have a FANTASTIC Mothers Day!!

CONGRATULATIONS —- Lacey Buie-Delaney   — You are the winner of our Mothers Day Giveaway! Please email your mailing information to so I can get this mailed out to you hopefully in time to arrive for mothers day =)



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  1. Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson

    I am a Mom of 3 boys!!!

  2. Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson

    I follow your blog ❤

  3. Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson
  4. Tricia Batchelder

    Shared on my page ; )

  5. Phoebe Saylors

    I am a mommy of 1 little girl

  6. Mother of 1 girl, posted link on page.

  7. Phoebe Saylors

    I just posted on my facebook about yall.
    Phoebe Johnson Saylors
    Hey y’all need to check out Peek-A-Bootique. I got Aubrey an outfit from her and she was too freaking cute in it. She is having a Mother’s Day special and I get entered just by telling you about them. But seriously, check out her page she has some super cute stuff!

  8. Tricia Batchelder

    I am a mother to one 17 yr old daughter

  9. Phoebe Saylors

    I follow your blog

  10. Tricia Batchelder

    I am following this blog.

  11. Brooke Schwaderer

    Peek-A-Bootique fan on Facebook and shared the link

  12. Brooke Schwaderer

    I have 3 boys

  13. Kate Charles

    I like you on FB and shared your page/giveaway

  14. Gail (Winston) Gray

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog. Keep writing! 🙂

    • Gail (Winston) Gray

      Oops, should have mentioned qualifying-as-a-Mom thing, and having posted on Facebook, perhaps?

  15. Kate Charles

    I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 6 month old girl!

  16. Kari Hutchings

    I’m a Mommy of 2!!

  17. Shared on my FB page.

  18. im a proud mommy of a 8 month old lil big boy :)))))

  19. I’m a momma to three babies!

  20. Mom of a 2 month old and 5 year old.

  21. This is my just for being a mom entry!
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  22. I am a mom to a great little guy, Zachary – 5 and a sweet little princess, Nevaeh 2!

  23. Follow u on facebook bradleykristendejohnhol

  24. I’m a mom of 2 girls and I reposted your link!

  25. I am mom of one very sweet baby girl

  26. I’m a mom of 2 girls and reposted your link on facebook

  27. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted!

  28. Mom of a 2 year old girl and 4 month old son!

  29. I am a fan amanda rose rios

  30. mom to 2 girls!!!

  31. I’m a mommy of 3 🙂

  32. Noemi Ramirez

    I just shared your giveaway at

  33. Noemi Ramirez

    I’m a mommy of three girls 7, 4, and 2 thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Okay happy mommy day

  35. Danielle Kerr

    Im a mom! one boy 2 1/2…one girl 10.5 months 🙂

  36. Noemi Ramirez

    I’m also following you!!! @rios4lf

  37. I am a mommy to a 2 year old little man and a 5 year princess!!! Love your stuff!!!

  38. Danielle Kerr

    Im following you on twitter… @dfklovemykids

  39. Mommy to a 2 year old little man and a 5 year old princess!!!

  40. also a fan on facebook and follow the blog!!! 🙂

  41. I shared the link!

  42. Danielle Kerr

    Shared the link on my FB page! Thanks for putting this on!

  43. I’m a MOMMY to 3 wonderful BOYS and a 5m old BEAUTIFUL girl!

  44. I follow your blog!

  45. I follow you on Facebook and am posting the link now

  46. fan of you on FB

  47. mommy of a 4 year old boy and 1 year old girl!!!

  48. Love ur items there so cute


  49. I am a mommy of 4 hooligans errr…. ummm….. I mean Angels!! Hehe 😀

  50. Can’t figure out the following the blog thing so I’m going over to twitter now to follow and tweet, twitter ID is KristenHillery 🙂

  51. tweeted about you

    MommyLovesUTuTu Sarah Welte
    #Giveaway #Win a Liz Claiborne Butterfly Purse Hanger! @Peek_A_Bootique


  52. Charlene Sheppard

    Fan on Facebook

  53. Charlene Sheppard

    Shared on my Facebook wall

  54. Charlene Sheppard

    I am a mom of 2 wonderful children

  55. Charlene Sheppard

    Following Blog

  56. Lacey Buie-Delaney

    I am a mother of 4 beautiful children! I shared too 🙂

  57. I’m a proud mama of my beautiful daughter Rilee! 🙂

  58. I’m a fan on Facebook! 🙂

  59. I’m a mommy of 3 adorable little girls! 🙂

  60. Tabitha Moon

    I posted on FB, I am a mommy and I follow!!! Thanks!!

  61. Thanks!

  62. 2nd entry!

  63. I am a mother of four!! (ages 6-11)

  64. I follow on Facebook!

  65. Heidi Miller

    I posted the link on my fb wall!

  66. Heidi Miller

    I am a mommy of 2 great girls!

  67. Shared the link on my facebook page! 🙂

  68. I am a mommy!

  69. Shared your page!

  70. Happy mama of three!

  71. I’m a Peek-A-Bootique fan on Facebook as Hannah Beck.

  72. I’m a mother and grandmother.

  73. Melissa Moore Boyle

    I shared and a mom of 2 🙂

  74. Rhonda Runtz

    I ‘like’ your page and shared!!

  75. Rhonda Runtz

    I am a sahm of a 4 year old and 2 year old!

  76. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    Shared the link

  77. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    Shared the link on facebook

  78. I’m a mom! My 2nd mother’s day this year!

  79. Jennifer Burden

    Shared on my FB wall, and think I just subscribed to the blog by email (checked the box below that says “subscribe to this site by email). And you already know I’m a mama!

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