Hello world!

Hello blogging world here I am! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve decided to start my blog and share my opinions and thoughts with you =)  Some of you may be asking… Who are you? And why would I want to read your blog?

Who am I?  My name is Ambrelee Taylor, I am the owner of Peek-A-Bootique, a full-time student, a chef, a janitor, housekeeper, day care center teacher, computer operator, facilities manager, chaufer, psychologist, laundry machine operator,  boo-boo kisser , chief executive officer,  and most important a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I am married to the most wonderful and handsome man in the world – Jeff. My oldest child is going to be 6 in June ’11, his name is Angelo. My middle child is 2 and his name is Roman, my littlest one is 8 months old and her name is Tatum. ❤

Why read my blog? You may just have a connection with me, maybe you are a customer of Peek-A-Bootique, maybe you have a child with allergies, or you like to shop (I love to shop, and the more money you save means the more money you have to spend doing more shopping! =) So you can be sure I will pass on any good deals I find so you can score some great deals also! ), maybe your a mom, you may just think I’m funny, I may be able to teach you something new – you might teach me something new! I might blog about something unique – or maybe I’ll write about something that everyone and their uncles neighbors cousins sister knows about. I’ll probably blog about many different topics, I may talk about shopping, television, movies, games, technology, couponing, crafting, family, holidays, cooking and recipes, being a mom, being a wife,  funny things our kids do, and I can almost guarantee once in a while I’ll plug my own products, You never know what I’ll blog about – so stick around and find out! =)




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